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Classic Car

Classic Car Insurance​

It’s no ordinary car. Get the right kind of coverage. Serving Indianapolis and all of Indiana.

Classic cars are more than just vehicles – they are timeless investments appreciating in value. At Paul Branham Agency, we understand that a collector car holds more significance than just being a mode of transport.

Recognizing that each classic or antique car has its unique usage and characteristics, we tailor our policies to fit your specific needs. Whether it’s considering the miles driven, the age of the vehicle, or any special modifications, our goal is to ensure you have the optimal policy.

Key features to consider in classic car insurance include:

Agreed Value Coverage

Unlike the standard “actual cash value” or “stated value” offered by some, we provide agreed value coverage. This ensures you receive the full agreed amount for a covered total loss, minus any deductible, offering superior protection for your investment.

Competitive Rates

We believe in offering rates that reflect your part-time use of your collector car. Why pay more when your classic beauty isn’t your daily driver?

Customized Coverage Options

Every collector car is unique, and so should be your insurance. Paul Branham Agency works with you to ascertain the right level of coverage, customized to your car’s specific needs.

Generous Mileage Allowance

We understand you want to enjoy your collector car. Our policies can include generous mileage limits, recognizing that most collector cars are driven less than 5,000 miles annually to retain their value.

Roadside Assistance

 Our coverage can include comprehensive roadside assistance. Whether you’re close to home or on an adventurous rally, we ensure assistance is always within reach, including flatbed towing to the nearest qualified repair facility.

Looking for the right insurance for your treasured Mustang, Camaro, Charger, Corvette, Thunderbird, or any other collector car? Speak with Paul Branham Agency today. We’re committed to finding the perfect blend of coverage, value, and price to continually meet the unique requirements of your classic car.

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